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Ceramics Dinnerware Hand-painting Flower Plate Household Tableware Microwave Safe 10 Inch Stoneware Salad Plates With Handle


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Ceramics Dinnerware Hand-painting Flower Plate Household Tableware Microwave Safe 10 Inch Stoneware Salad Plates With Handle

In today's society, with the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for tableware are getting higher and higher. Not only should it be beautiful and practical, but also healthy and environmentally friendly. Chaozhou medium-temperature porcelain just meets these needs. As a company focusing on the production and sales of medium-temperature porcelain, we are well aware of the importance consumers attach to healthy tableware. Therefore, we are committed to providing the market with high-quality medium-temperature porcelain products so that every consumer can use and eat with peace of mind.

  • Product name Stoneware flower plate
  • Size 10inch(21cm*3.8cm)
  • Color blue,orange,pink,red,yellow
  • Production process under glaze color,hand-painted
  • OEM/ODM Avalible
  • Description Food Contact Safe
  • apply to Microwave & Oven
  • Logo Accept Customized Logo
  • Design Accept customized Designs
  • Packing bulk packaging/white box/color box/Pack as you need
  • Suitable for Home, Hotel and restaurant,banquet,wedding
  • Design Style Contemporary, Classic, Modern, Morden Luxury
  • size/color/shape/pattern as Picture/support customized welcome contact us
  • support service IP co-branded ceramic dinnerware
  • For more product information please feel free to contact us

Chaozhou stoneware dinnerware uses a unique underglaze color process. The biggest feature of this process is that the painted layer is placed under the glaze, which effectively isolates harmful substances from direct contact with food. This means that when using our medium-temperature porcelain tableware, you don't have to worry about harmful ingredients seeping into food and affecting the health of your family. The underglaze color process not only ensures the safety of tableware, but also makes the tableware more beautiful and generous. Its bright colors and rich and diverse patterns can meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers.


Another major feature of Chaozhou stoneware dinnerware is the hand-painted patterns. Our painters are all experienced professionals. They give each piece of porcelain a unique vitality and artistic value through hand-painting. Compared with traditional mechanical printing, hand-painted patterns are more personalized and creative, and each piece is unique. Such tableware can not only enhance the dining experience, but also become a beautiful landscape in the home.


In order to meet the needs of different customers, we also provide OEM and ODM services. Customers can customize exclusive patterns, colors, shapes and logos according to their preferences and needs. Whether it is corporate gifts, hotel supplies or personal collections, we can provide you with personalized solutions. Through customized services, you can have a set of unique medium-temperature porcelain tableware that shows your unique taste and style.


In addition, in order to provide customers with better services, our sales staff are online 24 hours a day to provide you with consultation and assistance at any time. Whether it is product introduction, customization process or after-sales service, we will serve you wholeheartedly. In addition, we also provide production visualization services, so that you can understand the production progress and quality of the products in real time.


If you are interested in our Chaozhou medium-temperature porcelain and have the intention to purchase, please contact us. We will provide you with detailed product quotations and preferential policies. At the same time, we will also provide professional purchase suggestions and matching plans according to your needs, so that you can easily purchase satisfactory products.


Chaozhou medium-temperature porcelain has become a trusted choice for many consumers due to its healthy and environmentally friendly characteristics, unique hand-painted patterns and personalized customization services. We will continue to uphold the "customer-centric" business philosophy, constantly innovate product and service models, and provide the market with more high-quality medium-temperature porcelain products. Looking forward to working with you!

Chaozhou Fengxi Baita Ceramics No. 5 Manufactory (hereinafter referred to as BT5) is a ceramic enterprise specializing in the development and production of daily-use porcelain. Located in Chaozhou, the hometown of Chinese porcelain. BT5 focuses on the combination of tradition and modernity, and has an experienced team. They are proficient in traditional porcelain making techniques, and continue to learn and innovate, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, so that the products can maintain the traditional charm while It also has the characteristics of modern aesthetics. BT5 attaches great importance to product quality. From raw material selection to finished product leaving the kiln, every link is strictly controlled. In addition, the company has established a complete quality management system to fully monitor the production process. BT5's main products include ceramic daily tableware, baking sets, coffee and tea sets, etc. These products are beautiful in shape and of high quality, and are excellent in both appearance and practicality. In particular, daily-use ceramic tableware made of hand-painted and machine-printed underglaze colors has unique patterns, rich colors, and full of artistic flavor, and is deeply loved by consumers.




Our factory has thirty years of experience in making ceramic for daily use,Products using under glaze color process, food - grade contact,Suitable for microwave oven, oven and dishwasher,We are support custom logo/color/size/pacakge and so on,Light or matte,just tell us what color you need,and we will customize it for you