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Under Glaze Color Ceramic Petware Handmade Stoneware Cat & Dog Small Animal Eating Pet Bowl & Drinking Pet Bowls

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Under Glaze Color Ceramic Petware Handmade Stoneware Cat & Dog Small Animal Eating Pet Bowl & Drinking Pet Bowls

Revealing the secrets of pet ceramic bowls: choose the right one, plus extra points for health!

At a time when pet food safety issues are attracting widespread attention, pet ceramic bowls, as a type of pet tableware, are gradually gaining favor among pet owners due to their unique advantages. They are not only a carrier for pets' daily diet, but also an important tool to ensure pets' food safety and improve their quality of life.

  • Product Name Polka Dot Stoneware Pet Bowl
  • Elevated Pet Bowl Product Size Diameter 13.8cm ,Height 11.8cm
  • Low-legged Pet Bowl Product Size Diameter 14cm ,Height 5cm (can be paired with a wooden stand)
  • OEM/ODM Avalible
  • Description Food Contact Safe
  • apply to Microwave & Oven
  • Logo Accept Customized Logo
  • Design Accept customized Designs
  • Packing bulk packaging/white box/color box/Pack as you need
  • Suitable for Home, Hotel and restaurant,banquet,wedding
  • Design Style Contemporary, Classic, Modern, Morden Luxury
  • size/color/shape/pattern as Picture/support customized welcome contact us
  • Production process under glaze color,hand-painted
  • support service IP co-branded ceramic dinnerware
  • For more product information please feel free to contact us

First of all, the safety advantages of pet ceramic bowls
The safety of pet food is the most important issue for every pet owner.
The detection of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli, as well as harmful substances such as heavy metals and mycotoxins, has drawn much attention to the safety of pet food.
And pet ceramic bowls show significant advantages in this issue.
Compared with plastic, stainless steel and other materials, ceramic bowls are made of natural minerals and do not contain harmful substances and will not pose a potential threat to the health of pets.
In addition, the ceramic bowl has a smooth surface that is less likely to harbor bacteria, helping to reduce your pet’s risk of gastrointestinal diseases.

Secondly, the durability and stability of pet ceramic bowls
Pet ceramic bowls have excellent durability and stability.
Compared with plastic bowls that are easy to deform and age and metal bowls that are easy to rust and have fast heat conduction, ceramic bowls can withstand harsh environments such as high temperature, acid and alkali, and are not easily damaged.
This provides a stable and safe eating environment for pets, ensuring the freshness and taste of pet staple food.
At the same time, ceramic bowls are easy to clean, and are not easy to leave stains and odors, which is conducive to keeping tableware hygienic.

Third, the aesthetics and personalization of pet ceramic bowls
Pet ceramic bowls not only meet functional needs, but also have high aesthetics and personalization characteristics.
The ceramic bowls on the market are diverse in style and rich in color, and can be selected according to the pet owner's aesthetic preferences and home style.
Some ceramic bowls also support customized services, such as drawing pet portraits or names on the bowls, making pet tableware more memorable and unique.
This not only enhances the pet owner's experience, but also demonstrates the pet owner's love and care for their pets.

Finally, suggestions for purchasing pet ceramic bowls
When purchasing pet ceramic bowls, you should pay attention to the following points: First, pay attention to product quality.
Choose ceramic bowls produced by regular manufacturers to ensure that the products do not dissolve harmful substances such as lead and cadmium.
Secondly, choose the appropriate bowl type and capacity according to the type of pet and the amount of food they eat.
For example, ceramic bowls for cats are usually shallow to adapt to the habit of cats licking food; ceramic bowls for dogs can choose deeper styles to meet the needs of dogs to drink water in large gulps.
In addition, consider the placement and stability of pet ceramic bowls.
Choose ceramic bowls with thickened bottoms or anti-slip pads to ensure that tableware is not easy to overturn during use.
Finally, pay attention to detail design.
High-quality ceramic bowls have smooth edges and no burrs to prevent pets from getting hurt during eating.

Chaozhou Fengxi Baita Porcelain Factory No. 5 (hereinafter referred to as BT5) is a ceramic enterprise specializing in the development and production of daily-use porcelain. Located in Chaozhou, the hometown of Chinese porcelain. BT5 focuses on the combination of tradition and modernity, and has an experienced team. They are proficient in traditional porcelain making techniques, and continue to learn and innovate, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, so that the products can maintain the traditional charm while It also has the characteristics of modern aesthetics. BT5 attaches great importance to product quality. From raw material selection to finished product leaving the kiln, every link is strictly controlled. In addition, the company has established a complete quality management system to fully monitor the production process. BT5's main products include ceramic daily tableware, baking sets, coffee and tea sets, etc. These products are beautiful in shape and of high quality, and are excellent in both appearance and practicality. In particular, daily-use ceramic tableware made of hand-painted and machine-printed underglaze colors has unique patterns, rich colors, and full of artistic flavor, and is deeply loved by consumers.

We can provide a full range of customized services, including but not limited to product style, size, color and pattern, etc. At the same time, we also support OEM and ODM cooperation models.

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