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BT5 release of new products--mug


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    BT5 release of new products--mug


    In this busy world, we all want to find a quiet and comfortable. And a delicate mug is exactly the warmth you're looking for.Today, we are proud to introduce to you a new series of mugs, so that you can taste good at the same time, but also feel healthy life.

    BT5 release of new products--mug

    ① Unique craftsmanship

    Our mugs use a variety of techniques such as hand painting, screen printing and reactive glaze, each one is a unique work of art. Whether it is delicate hand-painted pattern, or bright silk screen color, or unique texture, you can enjoy a good time at the same time, but also feel the heart and creativity of the craftsmen.

    BT5 release of new products--mug2

    ② Healthy underglaze color process

    For your health, we use the under-glaze color process to keep harmful substances out of the cup. So that you can enjoy the beauty of life while drinking tea and coffee.

    BT5 release of new products--mug3

    ③ A variety of cup shapes

    Our range of mugs covers coffee cups, large handle cups, stacked cups and other cup types to meet your needs for different occasions. Whether it's a relaxing time at home or a refreshing time in the office, it can bring you a pleasant experience.

    BT5 release of new products--mug4

    ④ Large capacity to meet daily needs

    In order to meet your daily needs, our mugs are mainly large-capacity.Whether it is water, tea, coffee or breakfast, it is easy to cope with.Let you in the busy life, but also enjoy a moment of peace and comfort.

    BT5 release of new products--mug5

    ⑤ Easy to clean surface

    In order to make the process of using the mug easier, we have specially designed a smooth surface to make cleaning easy and fast.Let you enjoy a good time, but also can easily keep the cup clean and tidy.

    In short, this new series of mugs is both a work of art and a intimate companion in your life. Let's look forward to it bringing more beauty and health to your life!

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